About Me

Hello, I'm Salwa Afef. My home is in Hilversum, located in the heart of the Netherlands.

You are invited to join my intimate journey of colorful Fine Art Photography.

The foundation of my work comes from 15 years of falling in love with nature photography: studying and practicing.

I primarily tend to move my camera between Nature and Street life. It's a natural activity as I walk or run between them.

This is why my images reflect the value of this inspiring binary that I am part of every day; living in a modern city while being so close to a fascinating rich nature area with heathland, woods, meadows, and lakes.

This region " The Gooi &Vechtstreek " has also many scenic and historic villages between this variety of landscapes.

All of this enhances my imagination and connects me with inner stillness.

I approach this world with my passionate camera and more ways to create a piece of art.

That could be straight from the camera and full of details or by utilizing various techniques such as the slow shutter, multiple exposures, intentional camera movement, selective focus, shadows, reflections, shooting behind the glass, and post-processing techniques. Any one of them can contribute to my abstract impressionist style. 

I am devoted to doing what is best for the artistic situation and subject.

Creating Fine Art Images brings me joy, and I'd love to share them with you.

Write me : salwaafef@gmail.com

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