I am drawn to photographing everyday manifestations of beauty and joy in the small world around me.

Photography keeps me at my best; it keeps me moving, thinking, learning, curious, and amazed.

This is incredibly valuable in my life; it’s my path to true self-awareness, as well as my approach to perceiving the world through the eyes of nature and art.

Photography is an endless journey full of velvet adventures and surprises; those small scenes I enjoy observing are my magical reality.

I believe there is something more creative and intelligent beyond the ordinary, and I long for it all the time.

Because of this, I return to those scenes again and again as an intimate and precious source of creativity  to celebrate every detail.

My work is commonly abstract and colorful, combining different aspects of nature and human life.

I create images to feature the fine threads between reality and imagination,

the graceful interaction between elements,

the hidden beauty in the shades of corners,

the blurry visions into mixed reflections,

the greatness of artistic energy in the movement,

the intense emotional conversation between colors,

and any other artistic potential wherever I go.

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